Ohio High Pressure Boiler Operator / Stationary Steam Engineer Licensing Program – ONLINE!

Steamworks LLC is now approved by the State of Ohio to offer teleconferencing training in 2020! This online approach is a great way to invest in your industry knowledge and prepare yourself or your employees to sit for the challenging Ohio licensing examinations. The completion of this program allows the participant to reduce by one-half the required number of hours of practical experience needed to qualify to sit for the exam. Both High Pressure Boiler Operator and Stationary Steam Engineer courses are scheduled in a variety of offerings:

Accelerated Course: The accelerated course is presented in all-day sessions (8:00am-4:30pm Monday through Friday) that will allow you to complete the necessary coursework in three weeks or less, not months.

Evening Course: The traditional part-time course is presented three nights per week for approximately three months.

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The Teleconferencing Experience

No matter which option fits your schedule best, all teleconferencing courses use a live, real-time video feed on the Presenter, a PowerPoint presentation, drawings made by the Presenter on paper and shown via overhead camera (much like typical cooking shows), helpful props and “cutaway” parts, demonstrations, and useful teaching methods such as videos, quizzes, worksheets and other educational documents. The software used is highly interactive so that each participant can get the most out of the training.

Admittedly, there will be a bit of a learning curve for some participants on using this technology. However, Steamworks LLC is providing each participant with a laptop computer on a free-of-charge loaner basis. The computer comes pre-loaded with the necessary software and ready to go!  Participants will be given a set of simple but detailed instructions prior to the courses, and relevant support during and through the end of the course. In addition, there will be advance training on how to utilize the teleconferencing software effectively and an introduction to teleconferencing etiquette. Steamworks LLC is and has long been a State-approved provider of licensing courses that qualify for reduction of required practical experience hours. And now, our same high-quality course approved by the State of Ohio can be attended without the need for travel or technology expenses!

Requirements for Teleconferencing

Steamworks LLC fully supports the intent of the State of Ohio in ensuring that such courses follow consistent guidelines to achieve and document desired results. To attain those objectives, Steamworks LLC commits to a teleconferencing plan that includes the following:

  • All attendees must be present and accounted for at every class to comply with the State of Ohio’s requirement for completed course hours.
  • All attendees must use a live video feed for each class. Steamworks is providing the necessary equipment on a free-of-charge loaner agreement.
  • All attendees must have access to a minimum of 1.5MB of wireless internet.
  • All attendees must have email service that can receive communication from the host; i.e. a link for connecting to the course, documents, and general communication.

Other Teleconferencing Training

Teleconferencing-based training by Steamworks LLC is not only offered in preparation for the State of Ohio licensing examinations – Our online training can be tailored to your plant’s specific needs!

If you would like to learn more about Steamworks LLC’s teleconferencing-based training to meet  your own facility’s needs, please contact Jonathan Kapel at 440-226-4364 or jonathan@steamworksllc.com.