Ohio Boiler Operator – Stationary Steam Engineer Licensing Training

You can count on STEAMWORKS LLC’s superior track record in successfully preparing course participants to sit for the challenging State of Ohio licensing examinations.  This preparatory program is fully approved by the State of Ohio to prepare participants to sit for the High Pressure Boiler Operator and Stationary Steam Engineer licensing examinations.  We make these courses as convenient as possible.  The course is offered at various locations in Ohio (see the links below for details) or at your facility.  If presented at your facility, we work with you to conform to your rotating shift schedules and offer the programs on an accelerated schedule, as opposed to the lengthy courses necessary at community colleges and other sources.  The entire program can be completed in weeks, not months! 

  • 12 Days for High Pressure Boiler Operator
  • 3 Additional Days for Stationary Steam Engineer
  • Proven Track Record
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Demonstrations
  • Creative Learning Techniques
  • Obtain Your Boiler License Or Steam Engineer License!
  • Available At Your Plant Or Open Enrollment

Learn more by downloading the HP-SSE Licensing Program Brochure

Current Class Schedules and Registration

Additional Information about Ohio Boiler Operator / Stationary Engineer Licensing

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