Fully Documented Operator – Maintenance Certification Programs

maintenance certificationSTEAMWORKS LLC can produce a plant-specific certification program designed to verify and document your plant operators or maintenance personnel are competent in all aspects of operating and caring for YOUR specific processes and plant systems. When complete, this program is GUARANTEED to produce competent personnel! It is owned by your facility and may be repeated at will forever at no additional cost.

To accomplish this STEAMWORKS LLC :

  • Gather plant-specific equipment information, any written procedures, any prints and diagrams, photographs, etc. to be used in the training manual(s)
  • Provide additional appropriate illustrations and photographs
  • Provide a clear, intuitive format for organizing the text and illustrations into user-friendly training manuals
  • Integrate any existing training materials supplied by your facility into these new manuals as feasible so as to minimize “overlap”.
  • Incorporate forms of documentation of acquired expertise. These may include input-output diagrams, flow charts, line tracing, “what if” scenarios, interpreting log sheets that indicate problem conditions, etc. This may also include written tests and other forms of trainee feedback that will clearly demonstrate competency of the trainees on included subject matter.
  • Provide technical writing, editing, and printing services to produce finished, professional-quality manuals in binder form.
  • Furnish the finished version of the manual, including all text, artwork, illustrations, charts, etc. on electronic media for your electronic document management system. This will allow you to make updates to the manual and to print additional copies of the manual on an as-needed basis. You can solve your training dilemma forever!
  • Create and furnish a trainer’s version of the manual(s) that will make it possible for the trainers or supervisors to “check-off” trainees on job functions without necessarily having to know all the information themselves. This manual will include the correct answers to “checkoff” questions, page references for “checkoff” information required, instructions on what questions to ask, explanations of what particular actions should be exhibited to demonstrate competency for particular job functions, etc.

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